Be The Change

Why eco friendly business?  What is zero waste?

Christine: Karen and I share the same vision - to take care of our earth and the people in it, starting with you and me! On a trip to Japan, I passed through an environmental science museum that showed the alarming amount of waste humans create each day. I wanted to do my part to reduce our impact on climate change, the pollution in food chains, and micro-plastic in rain. ​Karen and I set out to find simple ways to empower people to use products that are kinder to their bodies and to our earth. 

Karen: As a business, we try our best to reduce waste every step of the way. We ask each other simple but mindful questions, such as, “Can this be repurposed? Can we reuse these plastic to-go containers for something else? Instead of throwing away our empty but still perfectly functional plastic shampoo bottle, why not use it over and over again?” We believe change begins with small, daily choices, and that one mindful decision at a time can make a real difference. 


One Eco Store is a minority-owned, women-owned business. Our vision is to create products that make a sustainable lifestyle accessible and convenient to every person and pet in all communities!